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Rear Window Defogger not working

The rear window defogger on my 2008 Impala is not working. When you press the button to turn it on, it lights up, but nothing happens. I have checked the fuses and connections.

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The next step would be to verify voltage ( with switch on) to the connectors on the rear window with a Volt/Ohm meter with one side to ground. If there on one side, you have just proved the switch, relay, fuse and wiring to the window is good. If there on both sides you are missing the ground to window.

If voltage is there on one side, turn off and carefully disconnect wires at window. With Volt/Ohms set to Ohms, read across window terminals for resistance. The majority of the time, it will be the connector to the window foil bad. It could also be that the foil has been scratched, there by opening the circuit. Carefully examine the foil on the window to find trouble. You can buy a repair kit that will have a metallic glue to fix foil or connector.

This explanation assumes a lot, but should get you on your way

Good luck, Glenn

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Good question on rear window defroster repair.

It sounds like a tab came off the defroster which is a common reason for defroster failure. Since I work for a company that makes defroster repair kits, defroster repair accessories and aftermarket defrosters I talk to a lot of customers with this issue.

What I would do is bond the tab back to the defroster using a Frost Fighter Tab Bonding kit. This kit uses a two part silver adhesive to conductively bond the tab back to the defroster.

The Frost Fighter Tab Kit can be seen at this link.

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i had Pdl mechanic glue the tab on with a kit and then test with continuity circit. he was sure it was fixed.

i tried it a few days ago when we had good rain and it did not defog the back window at all. You can usually can see thru back window in a few minutes if the defogger is working. no luck. i let it shut off on own but it never worked.

i guess i try to have pdl try 2nd glue kit.

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I found on my rear defogger that the +power tab was off so i purchased this.. permatex rear window defogger kit #21351 and mounted the tab back on. after two days it was getting power to the tab and ground side was good but no power to any of the grids. i don't know whats happening but i followed the instuctions to a tee!


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