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Procesador G5 1.6, 1.8 o 2 GHz

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Logic board is out I guess?

My Grandfather bought this machine for my Mom means alot to her and need your help. My Mother took it to a repair place and they said the logic board was out how can I tell and can you get me the parts? If its not the logic board will you take the part back?

Thanks, Greg

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hi greg,

what problem does the iMac have ?

"logic board" can mean many things

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Will not boot-up. The place she took it to said they tried a new power supply and still not booting up. There answer is to replace the power supply and logic board. The labor for this would be to much for her so I thought I would give it a try.

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does the iMac react in any way whe you press the power button ??

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No, but I can feel heat on back left of the machine. Could it be just some Capacitors?

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it would be possible.

use the guides to open the iMac and look at the capacitors.

if they are bulging or having a brownish substanc on it, the are dead and have to be replaced

when you open the iMac and start it - you should be able to "feel" where the heat is coming from - but don't touch anything *bzzzzzz* ;-)

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You will have to remove the logicboard (quite easy on these machines) in order to get to the underside of it. Then you can check the capacitors with an ohmmeter. A good capacitor should have a steep rise in resistance when connected. Visual inspection is sometimes not good enough. The capacitors on these machines are prone to failure anyway and should be replaced with higher rated parts. No easy task.

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