How to fix an iPod Touch when dropped in the sea/water?

When i was at the beach i had my iPod touch 4G in my pocket with 20 Euros ( because i was in France for the week ) and i accidentally forgot to put it in my bag with all my other stuff and as i found out it was cold, and wet so i rushed to my bag to get my towel and left in the blazing sun but nothing happened? What could i do because my grandparents do not have any rice in the house and i am leaving on the next day ( Wed 14th August 2013 ). Should i wait till i get home to put it in rice or just try to buy some rice and leave it overnight to dry a bit and bring it with me to the ferry with the iPod touch in the container?

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I was at the beach in samoa im back at home in auizzie i was unloding my things on my chair and forgot it was in my pocit i only noticed when i felt a bumb on my left thigh a emditly rememberd it was in my pocet ran straty away and put my iopd on a towl and rapd it up i could do nothing to my ipod touch 4g becuse in my house in samoa we have little so 2 weeks later still dosent work and still cant find solution please HELP


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Julien Leost, Rice is a great first aid, but it will not fix anything. The saltwater is corrosive and your will run into trouble at a later point, if you do not clean it properly. Disassemble your iPod using these guides. Remove your logic board and clean it with sterile water first, do not use tap water. Then clean it a few times with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. Clean all the connectors and cables the same way. Then replace the battery and reassemble your iPod, re-evaluate for any further, more specific damage. Hope this helps, good luck.

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First, do not try to turn it on it could kill it. Yes, you should buy rice and leave it in it for a couple of days, it may fix it.

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