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Segunda generación de iPad con Wi-Fi, lanzado el 11 de marzo de 2011. Número de modelo A1395. La reparación es difícil y requerirá calor.

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Can I swap iPad 2 Wi-Fi logic board for iPad 2 GSM

I have an iPad 2 AT&T 64 GB that got run over by a car. The case is bent, the digitizer is smashed, half the screen works. But, the rest seems to function as it should. My wife has an iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16 GB and she is constantly running out of storage space. So, I thought I would take the 64 GB logic board out of the smashed iPad and put it in the good one to give her 4x the storage (I had recently performed a successful digitizer replacement on an iPad and felt comfortable with the procedure). I made the logic board swap and it powered up fine, but I could not turn on Wi-Fi. The on/off switch for Wi-Fi in settings was grayed out. I reset network settings, but no luck. So, then I reset the whole iPad back to factory settings. The "welcome" screen came up and prompted me to plug it into iTunes. I did so and after a few minutes, iTunes told me that it "...could not activate the iPad at this time. Try again later or contact Apple Support."

Any ideas on what might make this work? I can open it back up and put the 16GB logic board back in. But, I thought I'd search for other options before I threw in the towel.

Thanks - Matt

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Did you check with your insurance carrier to see if it was covered under your car or home owners coverage?

If you can get it to work you will loose the cellar service as the case you will be using does not have the needed antenna nor the case to support it.

I don't think it's worth attempting if this is your first time repairing an iPad.

I killed my first two just to give you an idea how hard these are to even open up. At which point I decided I would stick to repairing Macs (which I'm very good at) and let someone else have the fun of fixing the iPads.

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Insurance will not cover it. I realize I will lose the cellular service. I was just trying to increase the storage from 16GB to 64GB. It is not my first time repairing an iPad. As stated above, I successfully replaced the digitizer on another iPad.

- de

This is much more than a digitizer replacement

- de

yes but if you can replace the digitizer, the hardest part is done.

they are so much fun... lol

- de

iwillfix, I agree. The hardest part of the the whole thing is getting the digitizer off.

- de

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Dan, you are right.. I confused 2 issues because I was reading that article on my iPhone screen and missed a whole line! Thought Matt was saying that greyed wifi could have something to do with iCloud. My mistake!

Matt! I know it is long over due now, but in case you happen to be working on your wife's iPad in the future, and wish to give it a 2nd try, ry this: on the bottom of the iPad 2, next to where the digitizer is plugged in into the board, under the bottom metal shield, there is the Wi-Fi board of the iPad 2. This board on your GSM-iPad-2 could have been:

1/ Displaced from the original accident. You can try to remove it and re-seat it;

2/ Damaged, swap the WiFi boards. Take the one from your wife's iPad 2 and use it in your iPad.

Look at the picture:

(I) is where the Wi-Fi board is plugged into the board of the WiFi-only-iPad-2.

(II) is the same for the GSM-iPad-2.

Usually an iPad 2 with greyed Wi-Fi has an issue with this particular board. Note that the Wi-Fi board is connected to the Wi-Fi antenna so be careful to disconnect the Wi-Fi antenna and not to break anything off when prying the Wi-Fi board out.

As for the activation issue, do you know if your "find my iPhone" feature was turned on before the accident? If yes, this could have caused the re-activation issue. There are a couple of things you can do in this case.

First option: just turn on the GSM-iPad-2 with the new Wi-Fi board installed. If Wi-Fi is restored, you should be requested to enter your iCloud password and may be connect to iTunes, and the iGSM-Pad-2 should work fine.

Second option: while your GSM iPad is turned OFF, you can try accessing your iCloud account on the web to remove the "Find My iPhone" lock. Log into using the iCloud username and password that you used on your GSM iPad before the accident => go to "Find My iPhone" => "All Devices" => click on your device which should be offline => choose "remove."

Sorry it is a lengthy one.. :) and please let me know if this helped if you ever try this in the future!

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Hi Matt;

Did you ever get an answer to this question, or conversely, did did you ever get it to work?

I just broke the internal power plug on my 16gb logic board, and am trying to find a replacement logic board... While I'm at it, I thought I'd get one with more memory, too, like what you're doing here.

A couple of questions - the iCloud lock issue on used logic boards - if the eBay listing says "no iCloud lock," I'm assuming it's open for my use, right? I don't want to get involved with any illegal stuff here...

Secondly - is there anything ELSE I'm not thinking about here? What was the resolution to the WiFi question you posed?

Thanks in advance for the guidance!


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I never could get this to work. I ended up putting the original 16 GB logic board back in the iPad and it works fine.

It could have been an "iCloud lock" that was preventing the 64 GB board to work in my situation as each of those logic boards were registered under different iCloud accounts (one was mine, one was my wife's). But I can't say for sure.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck.


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