Why camera will not recognize SD flash cards?

This unit is working fine in every other way - will take and save photos in internal memory - but if an SD card is installed the display reads "This card cannot be used." and will not permit access to the menu or any other functions, until the card is removed.

Have tried several cards, and checked compatibility with the product manual. At first, a brand new SanDisk seemed to solve the problem, but that was just temporary. A camera tech suggested that there might be physical damage on the circuit board connectors. These are difficult to access: I can take off the back of the camera and see the top of the board, but the flash drive pins are on the underside, and the card socket appears to be a molded plastic unit - not easy to access with a continuity checker.

I'm wondering if it could be a software issue. The firmware appears to be up-to-date though.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

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