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The Motorola Atrix 4G is dual-core Android-powered phone by Motorola. Model Number: MB860.

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Time lost when phone Off - RTC battery replacment

When I power off my ATRIX for 1 or 2 day(s), the phone loose its time, it start at 1:00 (wrong date also).

Motorola support told me the RTC battery is a rechargeable battery, not a simple battery.

They won't guarantee, as its unlocked, despite Europan directive 1999/44/EC (shame on them)

Does any one had this problem, dead RTC battery ?

Looking at the teardown pictures, I've seen something looks like there is a battery between the Compass and vibrator. Can someone cofirm the the RTC battery is located here ?

Does anybody know the kind of battery is used ? Type rechargeable or not, reference ? Is that battery easily replaceable, as it look sealed to the phone.

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Your question seems similar to mine. See my notes here: Wifi and BlueTooth Errors / how replace CMOS battery on Motherboard?

Some of the my research links might give you tips on the battery type. I wish the battery would just pop out for replacement.

- de

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Here it is ;-)

Block Image

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Yeh that where I guessed the battery was located; but you're right, a picture is better than a long description ;-)

Do you have more information on that button cell ? Rechargeable or not ? Do you have a Ref of that cell ?

Is it easy to replace i.e. to removed (welded) ?

- de

Yes it is soldered and a bit of a pain. Still trying to find the proper part number

- de

This message states the battery Ref is ML414RU (from FDK or SANYO) 3V lithium rechargable battery.

The speciffication can be found here.

The problem will be to find a reseller, especially in France :-/

- de

Have you tried to contact the sales office for FDK yet? Also just found these on eBay

- de

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