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Is there a logic board schematic available for the A1347?

As I was taking apart my Mac Mini Mid-2011 to add a second hard drive, I managed to knock a piece off of the logic board. Fortunately the computer still boots and seems to function, though I understand that the small piece I knocked off most likely played some role in my Mac Mini's logic board. I googled around a bit and read the ifixit teardown but couldn't find a description of what the logic board components do except for some of the more exciting chips. Can someone point me to a guide or explain to me what a particular part of the logic board does? The component in question is a small silver circle with a bit of purple on it and is the top most in a cluster of three near on the bottom left (adjacent to teal square) portion of the logic board.

Here's an image of the side of the logic board: Mac Mini Mid-2011 Logic Board

Block Image

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timwillis, those "small silver circle" are SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. The purple marks the negative polarity. Just checked on of my schematics and it is a 39uF 16V capacitor. It is available right here as well as many other places. Do remember so, it is a SMD capacitor and as such requires special skills to be replaced. Hope this helps, good luck

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Hi! where can I get 820-2993-a schematics? thanks!!


hector FRANCO that sounds like a Mac Mini board. Those schematics are not available.


Can you help me or send me those schematics I need to find those 3.3V line that goes to SMC USB chip from some linear regulator ?


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