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outlet trips after a while causing Refridgerator to turn off?


When I plug in my kENMORE 25361662101 it turns on and appears to be working, but then after some while it trips the outlet and turns off. I tested the outlet and its good and only have this issue when the refrigerator is plugged not with any other appliance! I realized there is no sound coming out it when plugged or turned on, (like a fan or motor? the outlet trips and doesn't stay on long enough to freeze or keep items cold. appreciate any suggestions. thank you all.

Mike H

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What sort of breaker is being tripped over current or earth leakage? Is the Fridge the only appliance on that circuit?


Mike H, sounds like your fridge could be drawing to many amps which will trip the breaker. How many amps on that circuit breaker?


see if you can post some images of the wiring as well as the components that you see. It is possible that you have a bad compressor run capacitor



thank you all for the questions, I m plugging in a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI, it is the only appliance.


Sounds like the amp off that circuit should be okay. Take a look at the compressor and the rest of the wiring. See if there is something obvious (I still go with a bad cap first;-)


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You likely have a earth fault if the earth fault device is being tripped. Does the fridge have a butter keep in the door or other reason for wiring to go into the door? i have seen wiring in the hinge fail causing intermittent shorts to occur. The other possibility is a faulty capacitor on the compressor. With the fridge disconnected from the power measure the resistance between the earth pin and active and neutral wires. There should be an open circuit ( very high resistance). The best way to do this is with a Megger meter which will properly test the insulation/isolation between the earth and the active and neutral wires.

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