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iPhone 5 dead LCD after rear case replacement

I replaced a customer's iPhone 5 rear case today and now the LCD appears completely dead. The mute switch makes it vibrate so I know it's on but replacing the front didn't help (or a hard reset obv).

Could I have blown a fuse or what could be the problem?

The logic board doesn't appear damaged.

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Mabe could you verify that the connectors are connected well and all the pins absolutely clean. It looks like your display is just not supplied/connected. Remind that even a small peace of dust can cut the connexion...

Hoping to have helped you,

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Absolutely clean and connected :-/ I'll have a partner put it under a microscope today.

- de

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Happened to me the same problem, what I did was to inspect well near the connectors and set me well that a connector had broken and what I did was I made a bridge with a silver writer. and it worked but I had to connect a new screen for it to work and then place the iphone screen.

And iphone is working properly

Bad Part

Fixed with Silver Writer

i use a Macro Lens for iphone 5

Link Silver Writer

never use it direct the writer, put some on a sheet with something that has the fine point you can do it without touching other connectors or you can make a short circuit.

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Hello Anders,

How did you fix it?

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