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The Canon EOS 40D is a 10.1 MP digital single-lens reflex camera released in August of 2007.

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Why is my camera's response time slow?

When I press the button to take a picture in any mode, the camera does not respond immediately. It will take a picture. It does not seem to be focusing during that time.

I've taken off the lens, cleaned the connectors and cleaned the sensor (just cause I had spots). I've charged the battery and tried a new memory card.

What else can I try before sending it in for repair?

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Is it an used or a new camera ?


I bought it in July 2008. It has been working great until I took it camping last month.


try switch cleaner on shutter switch to clean contacts cheap fix if its dirty

contacts imho


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Hi Becky,

I found this here. Maybe it helps (although it applies to a 30D).


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So I ended up sending it in for repair to the Canon Repair Center in California. They said they replaced the shutter release assembly. It is working now. I've watched a couple of youtubes with people changing this out. I think I'm glad I had professionals do it. It did cost me a couple hundred dollars; however, they cleaned it and also guaranteed the work for 6 months. I was pleased with their speed and thoroughness.


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