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How do I get my USB ports working?

Hey I was just wondering if anyone could help me get my USB ports working as I'm trying to sync my iPhone 5 but it keeps saying that the device is not recognised and that one port has malfunctioned so none of them are working. My phone charges but won't sync?

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check you phone charger pins and see if they are all flush and not bent and do the same to your plug that goes into your phone. if all is fine try another USB port. if that does not work try on another computer if it works on another computer then its your computer that maybe needs port drivers.

to check this problem go to control panel - hardware and sound - (under devices and printers) Device manager.

if you see and yellow caution on one or more devices then you need a driver.

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There is another possibility that some malware blocks your USB ports and wont let anything connect to it. For this you can scan your pc using any got anti virus or malware bytes.

Alternatively you can try changing the sync cable which some also do the similar things.

If everything works fine on other PC and every-time your ports do the same thing then you might have to go for clean install.

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