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Lanzada en octubre de 2011. La segunda generación de videocámaras para exteriores de GoPro utilizada por atletas profesionales, entusiastas de los deportes y entusiastas de los núcleos.

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Why my GoPro HD Hero 2 does not turn on?

My GoPro Hero 2 does not turn on when it's with the battery. If I take out the battery and plug it to a wall charger or to the USB it turns on normally. I've tried other battery but no success. I've done a lot of research and could not find a solution but I saw a lot of people with the same problem. Some people is even selling their cameras with this problem for parts.

How do I fix it?

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Silly question, but have you tried contacting GoPro support?

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First thing I've tried! They asked me to do a few tests and nothing. After the tests their final answer was. GoPro would replace the camera if within the warranty period of one year. Since mine has 15 months they were sorry. It seems that they don't have tech network to maintain/refurbish products after the warranty period.

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