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Procesador G5 1.6, 1.8 o 2 GHz

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No image on the screen, black screen. What do I need to do?

17” iMac 1.88 GHz

Push the power the switch on fan’s and harding working HDD but start sound not working and display give’s black screen.

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If one of these answers fixed your problem please hit the "accept" in list that has "History Edit Flag Accept Comment" located to the upper right of your question so we can remove it from the unanswered list. Thanks so much.

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I have the same problem. Not to take away from the other answers, I'm going to look for an inverter as the gentleman with the blog suggests. That's been a popular answer. Of course you can test the ability to make any sound by pulling the memory then there should be a repeated one beep. Also post how many green beds are lit. That seems to be an error message as well. I've tagged onto this post so I can see your answers, thanks !

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@capwalker666 - Best to create a fresh question with your details.

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If your iMac is the G5 1.9GHz MA063LL/A (Machine ID: PowerMac12,1) you may have the bad capacitors issue that caused power supply and logic board failures. If you can't recover from usual troubleshooting methods then open the case and check the logic board capacitors. Here's documentation about the iMac G5 capacitors issue:

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Try plugging into an external display to see if the picture appears.

Do the fans spin at top speed until you turn it off? And, once it's on, can you turn it off with the power button? If they do, and you can't, it's most likely a logic board problem

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Don't believe the logic board issue etc until you have tried everything.

Shine a flashlight through the logo on the back when it is powered on to see if you see anything on screen. If you do then it is the sleep sensor which can sometimes be fixed by shining the light slowly at every possible angle through the logo on the back. I had this issue on 2011 macbook pro and spent about 1 hour trying PRAM reset and HDD swaps and no luck. Then thought to shine a light through to see if the screen was even working and it was so I was trying to look further to other areas and it must have hit the sensor and bam it came back and no issues since.

This is by far the oddest repair suggestion, but worked for me so you cannot rule it out.

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You'll need to hold the flashlight on the screen at a sharp angle as unlike the MacBook's which have a lit logo which we can flood with light to emulate a backlight the iMacs don't have that. It will be a faint image!

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I have a white iMac "Core 2 Duo" 2.16 20-Inch (Late 2006) with the same problem. I started with the screen going black but the computer still on but after a while everything went off completly as if i unplugged from the power source.

I haven't taken to the Service yet, but i talked to them and they said if it the Internal Display Power Supply or the Inverter it is a very expensive repair. They probably DO charge high anyhow, not many good services in Spain.

So does anybody know a trustable source of getting spare parts of iMac in the States? I did check eBay but could not find a bit on iMac Intel White, there is more stuff on G5 models.


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