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Why does my 1999 Buick Park Avenue smell like gas fumes?

Hi i have a 1999 Buick Park Avenue an for some strange reason it is starting to smell like gas. I took it to a mechanic an he told me that i need to get a valve cover gasket repair done needless to say that did not fix it.. I took it to another 1 an my gas line was leaking an he repaired it but it still smell like gas fumes he also made sure that the vacuums were working properly an the EGR valve is good...But Still stuck with the same problem I am totally lost an have had way to many headaches can someone please help me im desperate..

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First you need to isolate the problem.

When are you smelling the gas?

1.)does it get stronger when going down the road actually moving?

2.) is the smell coming from the front or rear of the car?

3.) can you smell it after the car sits overnight?

4.) your overflow vent is probably clogged up. Maybe a mud Duaber or insect made a nest in the end of the line. Use compressed air to blow it out.

5.) look up a schematic diagram for your make model, & year of car. There easy to find on the web .

6) look at it then look up under your car at the gas lines, look for a wet area on the lines or around the fuel pump. Look around the fuel Rails in the engine you should be able to smell your way to the source.

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thank you Gary I'll check out the overflow vent.


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My wifes Buick Rendezvous had the same problem when the defroster would be on for awhile. It went away for awhile but the odor returned last week. I noticed the Fuel Pressure Regulator was leaking. Its on the top of the engine where the fuel rail is. Its only held in by 1 bolt w/ and o-ring to seal. I loosened the screw and wiggled/jiggled the part then retighten the bolt. So far so good anyway

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