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Procesador Core 2 Duo de 2, 2.26, 2.53 o 2.66 GHz

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heat sink a at 200 degrees

my heat sink a randomly thinks it is overheated as it shows 200 degrees on the temperature monitor causing the fan to come on. The problem is that it is not really overheating because it can go right to that temperature after the computer has been off for hours and when i turn it on, the temperature immediately goes to 200 degrees!! Surely it is not that hot when i just turn it on. It cycles up and down - for example, right now it is at 109 degrees even though 60 seconds ago it was at 203 degrees. There is no correlation with how hard the computer is working or what software is running. Why does it think it is overheated?? The fan seems to have no effect on cooling it off. It stays at 200 degrees as long as it wants to and then it goes back down to 100 degrees for a while. In the time it has taken me to type this, it is now back to 140 degrees for no apparent reason.

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Franc - Sounds like you need to replace the CPU thermo sensor as it's gone bad.

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There is a resistor on the inside that uses properties of thermodynamics and electricity to figure the temp. resistors aren't always made to extremely high standards and can fail, the failing causes extremely high (or sometimes low) temps. I am not familiar with macs, but you can usually set the fans to a fixed speed in the BIOS, rather than temp based (that's what I do when a resistor fails on a comp I'm working on).

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Apple uses diodes for the thermo sensor not a resistor. There is no means within the BIOS to alter the fan speed, nor is it a good idea even on a Windows PC. Heat detection and cooling systems are very important in newer Intel Core2 systems as they can over heat quite quickly.

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