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No sound internal speakers...?

Today I recieved a new upper case on advice from support that this might fix the problem I`ve had with sound from my internal speakers since installing a new HD. I`ve reassembled but am still getting no sound. Can someone tell me what colour wire should be at each end of the speaker connection when plugged in properly? If the problem isn`t that I`ve connected the wrong way round, is it possible that the bottom connection or socket is damaged? Is it possible to replace this socket?

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I am getting sound through the headphone socket on external speakers...

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I gather the speaker socket is on the logic board & replacing it is $259 USD..! I may have to continue using my external speakers as I can`t afford this amount-at least in the foreseeable future...

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Hi, Step 26 is disconnecting the speakers and if you are not very careful you can pull the socket right off of the logic board. I expect the price quoted was for the replacement of the logic board. I'm going to refer you to a previous question that may help you. Pay close attention to what he says about the micro soldering. This refers to the power connections but the same repairs can be used for your problem. The answer for you to look for is the second one about the blue/white wires. Hope this helps. Ralph

pulled the whole plug out of board when trying to unplug power

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Thanks Ralph! So I`ve got to find a Tech specialist as the soldering is too fine for normal soldering? We`re out in the country so this is going to be difficult! If my problem is the bottom socket, would this Tech be able to obtain the part readily. i.e. are they Apple parts? When doing the re-assembly for the umpteenth time last time, I was tired & because my eyes aren`t quite as good as they were ( I don`t have glasses yet but am 52) I was having trouble with the connection & couldn`t seem to seat it in any way..I asked my 18 year old nephew if he could see it & click it in place, which he accomplished (though there was no sound afterwards) I`m pretty sure the previous time I did it the sound was still there..??I`m wondering if the socket was damaged either this time (with the nephew connecting..)or if it`s accumulated wear on the part showing up? I noticed this time with the 2nd hand upper case (obtained from iFixit) that I tried it without forcing it a couple of times before seating it

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You won't be able to get the part from Apple. I f it were me and I wanted it I would find a suitable connector/receptacle pair at a radio shack or small electronics store. You could ask at the same place if they could recommend someone to do the soldering. The thing to remember is if they are careless in soldering you could destroy the board. It all boils down to how bad you want the onboard speakers to work. Good luck Ralph

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My brother who works in IT is here & has finally had a chance to look at the computer. He`s bent the pins in the socket back straight & the sound is working again! I`d have difficulty seeing something this small..will have to get myself a magnifying glass of some kind..Thanks,,..Mark.

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That's great. I'm happy for you. Ralph

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Glad it was only a bent pin cause resolder the 6 speakers socket wires to the logic board is much harder than solder the power switch two wires.

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