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My MacBook makes a loud noise during boot up, why?

I've had my MacBook Pro for 4 years now, and lately it has been making an uncomforting sound (usually 2-3 seconds long) that is definitely not a good thing. Any suggestions as to how I can get this fixed?

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To start with - Have you tried cleaning the fans and the heat sink fins? Often junk builds up on the blades making them unbalanced and poor air flow causes them to work harder.

If the sound is coming from the HD then it's getting time to replace it. Run Disk Utility to check the drive. If you can with a second bootable drive defragment your system drive. But make sure you've made a back up before doing anything - just in case!

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If this sound is coming from the hard disk then its not a good thing as it can make you to lose your data. So, i would suggest you to maintain the back up of your all data so that if in case hard drive fails still you will have your in a safe mode.

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After speaking to Apple Customer Support, they advised me that there will always be a sound but if I feel it is louder than it should be I should go into an Apple store.

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I would recommend downloading from the Apps Store Temperature Gauge To see what the RPM's the fans are running at and what the thermal sensors are saying. A soft whir is expected when the fans are running at low speed and a louder whir when the fans are running at high speed. Anything else is not normal.

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