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Third Hard Drive Failure - Logic Board?


I own the Mac Mini Server - A1283. Dual 500mb hard drive and 2.53ghz.

The machine suffers from repeated hard drive failures. Two hard drives were replaced under Apple Care Warranty (about one every 12 months). First the upper then the lower. Now one of the new drives has failed.

The symptoms are usually the same: the machine is working fine until one day it starts to freeze and then ultimately refused to restart.

I am now running OS X from the remaining hard drive. It can verify the broken disk in Disk Utility and it says SMART status is verified. But it cannot mount the drive. This is causes repeated freezing and error messages so I am about to open up the server and remove the bad drive.

My question: what could be causing these repeated hard drive failures? I am reluctant to install another hard drive if there could be a deeper cause.

Could it be a logic board problem?

Thanks for help,


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Apple did have a recall on the dual HD cable assembly. Make sure you have a newer one as they did have a shielding problem which could also mess your drives up in some cases.

I would bring the system back to Apple and have them replace the now defective HD and check the system out.

I would also get a temperature monitoring app to see whats happening that way as well.

Lastly, Do you have the system plugged into a surge protector and/or a UPS? If you did get hit with a large spike the surge suppressor might not be doing it's job. Best to get a new one. Does your UPS tell you anything? That would be a clue.

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