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Modelo A1278 /Procesador 2.4 o 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo de mediados de 2010

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Mac doesn't boot from internal HDD but does from USB plug?

Hello there :D

I'm stuck in a weird position here. My roommate gave me a MacBook Pro mid-2010 which had vodka/orange juice spilled on it. Not working, I tore it down, cleaned the hardware. And as I saw the fan spilling when i took everything apart, I said myself I can fix it !

I mount everything back in, turn it on : Grey screen Yeah !! I then installed everything start to use it. But it has crashed. No way to boot the system up : question mark on a folder. PRAM reset put it back on the road again. Then it crashed again.

I did all of the resets I know something about (PRAM, SMC), but nothing. And the weird thing is that it boot up normally when the very same drive is plugged externally through USB port... I'm actually using it to open this thread !

Whats wrong with the mobo ? (I did unplugged energy sources for days, just in case)

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If you want to check which part is exactly not working. you can boot with MAC OSX dvd or any windows DVD or CD. Check hard drive is preset or not . if after booting drives are visible then it means Operating system is actually a corrupted. if drives are not there then HDD or HDD cable or logic board is faulty.

First change the drive and check.

Change the HDD cable. if donot have cable try this hard drive on external casing.

after changing the cable also not working then loGic board need repair to need to change .

Check the liquid spillage near the HDD cable jack on Logic board. Clean it properly . then try to boot. thnx

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Did you read me ? I tried from external test : it work . I don't have any DVD or CD I will try with an live CD of debian, just in case. But I already reinstalled the software so ... dunno

- de

Update : No HDD detected ! I'll change the cable. But the point is "How can you destroy a cable by shutting down a computer ?? According to me, the logicboard is the responsible of all this

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Double check for corrosion on the ends of the cable and the connecters it plugs into. Good luck.

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Nothing, of course ... --'

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To give an answer, the cable was the responsible of all this ! Thanks for your help, both. I was ready to change everything for a tiny cable ...

- de

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Either the connector/logic board is damaged at the HD or the HD itself is damaged. If you can run AHT from the USB drive it it may point to problem. The "shade tree mechanic's" DIY solution wold be to buy a new HD install it and see if your problem goes away. If it doesn't then you're looking at a logic board replacement and you'll have to determine if it's cost effective.

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First of all : Thanks for your answer !

I heard about the AHT, and I know that this will resolve my problem. But I don't have any DVD or USB key delivered with the mac. So I ran the Network AHT with the Option-D combo. And the tester says Your mac is not supported, which can normally resolved by updating the EFI and SMC which are up to date.

I just ran HDD tests : SMART Ok and the DD is perfectly working ...

- de

Edit : I managed to start the AHT by installing a PKG made and published on the web. I'll keep you in touch :)

- de

Hello again !

It did the fast one and the extended one (still trough USB) And nothing seems to be malfunctionning.

But the AHT don't start from the s'ATA plug ... I'll probably change the cable

- de

Sometimes you have to run the extended AHT 2 or 3x in a row to have a problem show up (especially if it is an intermittent one).

- de

Actually, I did it a quick one then 2 extended ones, reboot the thing with the HDD inside then a second quick one with the HDD plugged through USB. And still nothing. I'm waiting for a new HDD/IR sensor cable... will see :)

- de

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