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both subs are not working

When i move the wires around they go on and turn off when i move it and i have opened them up and every thing looks fine i do not no what to do.

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Adam Thompson,"i move the wires around they go on and turn off when i move it" indicates either a bad solder connection or broken wires. You have not told us where you wiggle the wires to make it work. If it is by the audio connector, replace it using this guide. If it is by the bass amplifier, open it up and take a look at the solder connections on there. I attached a few images that should help you to identify the wires and connections.

Block Image

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.

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i am moved the wires where the speakers connect i have looked where they connect there and it looks to have no connection problems there

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Sounds like a bad bass amp. Check the components on there with a multimeter and see if you can figure out what failed.

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When I had the same problem as stated above, I often had to tap on the head phone that had the bass control installed to bring the bass back to my normal listening level. I finally decided to see if I could re-mediate this problem for once and for all. I remove the amplifier and re-soldered the bass control tabs, the eighth inch audio input jack tabs and the cable wires that connect to the amplifier board. Now the bass does not drift in and out when I'm listening to music.

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