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Kinect is a gaming peripheral for the Microsoft Xbox 360. It allows for audio and video input to let the player be the controller.

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kinect not leveling C0051209

the Kinect turns on but wont move, I tried to use tuner in settings but to no avail same out come. it only says "C0051209 not level" do you have advice or parts for this?

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Hallo everybody,

I have got the same Problem. When i lift up my kinetic Sensor on the right side. My kinetic Sensor is still working. I Hope someone kann help us. Greetings Stefan

- Por

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Follow the steps below if the light on your sensor is red and you receive the following message on your screen:

Error: The Kinect Sensor is not level (C0051209)

Place the sensor on a level surface and try again.

Here’s what to do to fix this problem:

Turn off your Xbox 360 console.

Make sure the Kinect sensor is positioned on a flat, level surface.

Turn your console on to see if the problem still occurs.

This error can also occur if your sensor is very hot or cold. In this case, wait for the sensor to reach room temperature (approximately 70 °F or 21 °C), and then try using the sensor again.

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