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Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen. The device needs only prying tools and screwdrivers to fix. Model number: ME370T.

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Why do the display asmbly rplcements look different from the original?

I was able to follow the guide and remove the display assembly from the Nexus 7 without too much difficulty. However, all of the available replacement assemblies I've been able to find (eBay, etc.) don't look the same as the part in the guide (or in my hand). They don't have the screw holes or pogo pins, and they don't have the silver border around the edge. Is there a frame to remove or do the replacement assemblies use clips instead of screws? - I'm afraid to plunk down 140 dollars and have the part shipped from China only to find it doesn't fit.

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There is a black-and-silver molded plastic frame to remove (see my photo here The back of the digitizer is attached to the black plastic with double-sided adhesive tape that is rather strong. You can lever them apart and be left with the empty black-and-silver plastic frame, but the digitizer is almost certain to break. So you'd only want to do this if your digitizer is already a write-off.

You'd also need to plan to either glue your new digitizer to the frame (which might prevent any future digitizer replacement, or have new double-sided tape ready to apply. Otherwise, your digitizer will only be attached to the assembly via its cables, and they are certainly not fit for that kind of structural job.

My digitizer+screen shipped from China does fit the frame, however.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, Mark. That's exactly what I wanted to know. The teardown guide should go that one extra step!

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Hi Mark

Could you forward a link to the item you bought from China please as I dont see any with the bezel attached?


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I bought, which clearly has both the LCD screen and the glass digitizer. They are glued together - do not waste your time trying to separate them.

I've not seen anyone also sell the bezel/frame to which the back of the digitizer is attached. Detaching that bezel from the digitizer is possible, but as above you will break the old digitizer.

I have my version working, but the assembly requires some way to reattach the bezel to the back of the new digitizer. I gave up and used electrical tape around the whole tablet.

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Here is a link to the part from I purchased a replacement screen which did not include the front bezel so I needed to pretty much destroy the old assembly (and shredded my hands too on all that broken glass!)

I just wish they sold the display with the bezel, it would be worth the few extra bucks (or I'll just buy a new unit!)

Also, I needed a few pieces of tape to secure the copper shielding on the back of the display. I attempted to reuse the old adhesive which was a mistake as my display is loose along one side (I am purchasing a case cover to hold it all together.

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