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Repair guides and support for tablets produced by Lenovo including the ThinkPad tablet line.

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LCD and Power Problem after Water Damage


My Lenovo Thinkpad tablet was water damaged.

I regret that I tried to power on the tablet when I first found there was water inside it. It booted with some strange color strips at the bottom part of the screen. I turned it off immediately.

The next morning when I tried again to turn the power on, I heard a "boo" sound from the inside. I tried again but it failed to boot up.

One hour or so later, I made another try and this time it booted up. I immediately turned it off and left it to dry up itself for one day.

In the evening, I turned the power on and it can boot into the Android system, but I can barely see the very dim image (icons, etc..) in there. I thought it might be the ccfl went wrong.

However, the next day I disassembled the table trying to clean it up from inside if possible. After that, the tablet can only boot into the system at an extremely low speed (it now takes about 5 minutes to finish loading the system; and I can see the "read fail:1" message in the corner of the scrreen when the "Lenovo" logo shows up).

Currently, the backlight of the LCD seems to work properly, however, all black area turns to be "noisy" red.

Another problem is that the battery cannot be charged properly. After the battery used up in two days, I always have to plug the power cable in to use the tablet.

Anyone has any idea what can I do to fix the problems if possible?

Thanks a lot!

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Jiang, the very first thing you do want to do is to remove your battery and do not try any more start ups. Every time you try to start up a water damaged device, you increase the chances of shortening out your components. Once you have the power removed, disassemble your device. Take every part of it and clean it with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. User a small soft brush for the cleaning. Do not forget the connector and the cable ends. Once you have it properly cleaned, let it dry. Do not use any heat to expedite this. The isopropyl alcohol will evaporate very quickly. You may have to clean it a few times. Check for any burned, charred or missing components. You can clean the LCD with isopropyl alcohol as well, but it does sound like it needs to be replaced. Also, do not reuse the battery, install a new one. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Sorry for the long delay of my reply. It took me two days to find a local shop that has 99% isopropyl alcohol for sale. I did what you suggested. Fortunately and unfortunately, it worked partially.

LCD can render black correctly, but red colour turns to be more like "black" in most places. All colours on the screen have a shallow cyan blue tone. Maybe it is because there is still some water in the LCD (I can see this when press hard on the screen when the power is off); not sure.

The battery seems to work now (Sorry, I have no choice but to use the battery, since I don't think I have any change to find a replacement battery). But, it is not perfectly working either. While I do not have to keep the power plugged in now, the system tray indicates 0% battery all the way.

The booting and shutting down problem persist. It takes long time to boot and shut down the system.

Actually, I don't know what to do next. I think I am fine with it if there is no way to get the situation better.

Thanks again.


- de

Just an update:

The display now comes back normal. It turns out that I didn't plug the signal cable properly (to check this is something really subtle).

For the booting and shutting off problem, my guess is that I have to reflash the room, --- just some random guess. Any ideas? Maybe the battery usage indicator problem be solved by doing this too.

- de

my lenovo gets into the water then i tried to open the cp its not opening so i dry it iwith blower but still its not working what should i have to do? help:(

- de

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