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Why is my mac mini not working

I have A1176 Mac Mini should I fix it for a 13 year old kid as a start in Mac world? the power adapter needs to be replaced

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doron, this coming from a non-Mac person " absolutely"!! Anytime you can get your hands on a piece of equipment like this, have a bit of know-how and a few tools, I say go for it. When you say the power adapter, I wonder if you are looking at an adapter like this. Of course this is just my 2 cents. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Most likely it is not the power adapter if it is the original. The A1176 needs a 110W power supply. The PPC 85W supply will not work. I have upgraded the CPU on over 15 core minis with great success. I had two that never powered on and searched high and low for the fix. THIS IS IT:

Block Image

There are several banks of capacitors on the top and bottom of the motherboard. By hooking a 5v power supply up, you can use your finger to find the faulty one as it gets hot. I use a 110v iphone charger and an old keyboard cable to make my 5v leads. Ground the black wire onto the outside USB frame. Use the red wire to touch the sides of some of the banks and if one of the caps gets hot, just pry it off. BAM, both of the motherboards were fixed. Found it after googling quite a while. Here is a pic from the site, and my own motherboard afterwards (note the x on the chip because I thought the motherboard was dead). My faulty cap was the 3rd one from the edge on the top side of the board.

Block Image

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