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Purple vertical line one my lcd desktop screen

Hi every body i am using an 22" LG lcd display screen. last week a purple vertical line appear in the middle of my screen. I just want to know how to repear this thing. Thanks very much.

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I have the all in ONE panel wouldn't that be a problem for me or I would think it would cost me more money.


How much does LCD cost


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Genloga, a single one colored line can be caused by a bad LCD driver IC, TCP package torn and controller IC. Try to press on the top screen location where the vertical line is located. If that pressure gets rid of the vertical line, you will have a bad Tape Carrier Package (TCP). There is really no fix to it other than replace the LCD. Sometimes adding some pressure to the TCP either through cloth tape or other means can temporarily eliminate that line. Ultimately it sounds like you are due for a new panel. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Exactly. Just replace the LCD, they are cheap, even LED displays are very cheap.


Ok i see . Thank u very much for your replies.


Thank you for accepting my answer. Good luck to you.


how much does it cost you for a new LCD? It seems that I'm having the same problem with my lappy


Gillfera Luke that will depend on make and model of your laptop


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