Screen or Display Turning Pink During Use

I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. My display turn pink at random times sometimes a reboot will clear the issue up but at times it will pink at boot up. I have been told from several techs that it could be liquid damage, virus, bad lcd, broken cables. No ideas. I have 2 other Machines and I am looking to make this Dell a project. Several upgrades in mind however it need 2 repairs. Thanks in advance

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Pete M Kring IV, try an external display, that way you will know that it is not your video card that cause this. If it is still pink, you have some GPU error, this may require either a fix on the motherboard or even a new motherboard. Loose or damaged ribbon cables are the most likely causes of the pink screen. Check your able for any damage to the insulation, replace it if necessary.Bad CCFL will definitely turn the display pink. you can change the CCFL but a bit of a PITA, you may consider a new LCD.screen. The other possibility is a bad inverter, which is not likely, but possible. Try one thing at a time and see what works for you. The part number for the cable is PM853. This video shows how to change the inverter, you can get the service manual from here which will help you to work on your computer. You can replace the CCFL but for that you will have to know who made our LCD. Check the label on the back of your panel. Hope this helps, good luck.

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In my situation - I got the pink tinged screen on my laptop when plugged in. On battery it wasn't there and on an external monitor it wasn't there. Ran a barrage of tests from Dell on it. Nothing worked. Tech support could not fix this and wanted me to send in my computer. My husband had me go to the toolbar on the bottom of the screen (click on the carrot/up arrow), locate the "True Color" icon, and DISABLE it ! Worked immediately!

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Thank you! This finally fixed my problem!


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