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Modelo núm. A1367 / Capacidad de 8, 16, 32 o 64 GB

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Why cant I slide my WIFI on?

i cant slide wifi on everything else works great

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more info would be nice.. is this something that had been working, and just went out? Or, is this after an attempted repair? Or, it was dropped, dropped in water or something else? More info would be nice to send you in the right direction..

First thing I would do is backup my ipod before I do anything.. at that point, you may want to try to reset the wifi settings under about>general>reset ... if this doesn't work, try turning off the wifi and turning it back on.. If this doesn't work, try a hard reset several times..

IF that doesn't work, try a restore to an earlier time, assuming you have made a previous backup.. IF that doesn't work, then there is the chance that we are talking hardware problem, and we open up a whole new matrix of troubleshooting..

Try these things, and if this doesn't work, write back and let us know. Give us the background information too.. More info = more likely to find the problem OK?

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