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La PlayStation Vita es el sucesor de la PSP. Contiene un procesador y gráficos mejorados, e incluye la adición de un segundo stick analógico. Fue lanzado el 15 de febrero de 2012.

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Where to buy ps vita oled screen

My ps vita's oled screenis broken when it fell of from my bed i am wondring on how to repair it i dont have choice of giving it to sony because i am in pakistan

anyone plz help

any help is appreciated

thanks in advance

i am sorry if my english is poor

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I have what u need just let me know that asap

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Hi, sorry to hear that. Well, I recently bought a new OLED screen to repair my vita. And I failed. I have to tell you that replacing only the OLED screen is almost impossible because the screen is fused to the touch screen. So the only way to safely repair your vita is replacing the whole front piece. As far as I know, nobody sells the complete part. Just the screen or the digitalizer sepparately and there is no way to fuse them as comes from the factory. I ruined my vita in the baking process, trying to take off the broken oled. Now I have a lot of spare parts including a new oled :(

I would recommend waiting for a someone who sell the complete front assambly and then replace it.

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You can find a complete front assambly here :

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One problem, from what I can tell they don't ship to the U.S.

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Yust send an email to with your request and they will send you a Paypal request. The screen with shipping to the USA costs 110USD

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maybe you can go to the for a look

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You need the complete assembly not only the lcd or touchscreen. Do not be fooled by webshops selling these or people directing you there, it will be a waste of your money.

I am verry positive they have never repaired a ps vita.

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