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The Kindle's big brother, the DX sports a large 9.7" e-ink display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight.

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Do you know were can I find a new LCD Display?

I have a Kindle DX but unhappily the LCD display is broken. I'm sure I can fix it but I could not find the display to buy.

Someone has an idea where can I buy it?

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Yes I do,, the teardown is fairly straight forward, take your time, when you use the link to order you will see there are 2 options for Digitizers and only one for your LCD , good luck, If this answer was helpful please remember to mark it accepted

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The DX doesn't have an LCD screen. Its screen is is an electronic magnetic ink display. That's why it continues to display with no power and while off. Used screens are available, but keep in mind that they will not be guaranteed in any way and is likely to cost more than a newer ereader.

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