Magsafe 2 Adapter Teardown for Key ring

Hey there,

anyone of you already took a MagSafe 2 to MagSafe adapter apart? Would like to have one at my key ring - so need to drill a hole through - I assume at the border in a 45° angle it would work. Anyway it would be interesting to see a teardown of the little magnet.

Some inputs?

Best regards


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Thanks! Nice to know people like you exist ;)


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Turns out theres a product that addresses this need. I'm not affiliated with the maker in any way, just happened to remember this question as I saw this pop up in my news feed...

Magsafe -> Magsafe 2 keyring

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It is not easy to find an answer. Because you or somebody should sacrifice his adapter:) It's a recent thing and not easily break.

But I have an idea. Clip a cable-tie horizontally to your adapter. Cut the tie end a little longer enough to drill and hang to your key-ring. a 5 mm tie width with a 2 mm hole would be good for the purpose. I cannot add a photo but cable-tie holds the device firm enough. Maybe a drop of proper type of glue will secure more.

If you don't like it, nothing is harmed than a cable-tie!

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