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The HTC Evo 4G LTE is an Android smartphone developed by HTC Corporation to be released exclusively by Sprint.

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How to replace the Digitizer

I have a cracked digitizer, and have purchased a replacement. Note: This is JUST the digitizer, as my LCD screen is fine. I get the phone broken down as far as I can get, with the screen component completely apart, but can't seem to figure out how to get the digitizer off of the LCD screen. Do I need a heat gun or something?

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This really blows because I truly like HTC So this is my tough love comment.

Some phones such as the HTC 4G LTE bond the LCD to the digitizer. This mean the glue is not (Double sided "3m" tape) around the edge but 100% of the screen is bonded to the digitizer with permiglop.

I've tried to seperate these. Heat is not the answer. You can cook the LCD to death and it still won't seperate. I've tried using a chemical process to disolve the glue between the digi and the LCD. For what its worth I tried using a 32 Gauge hypodermic to squirt 99% Isopropyl inbetween the layers. I got the hypo between the layers without ruining the LCD but the Isopropyl didn't do squat. I would try more experimentation but fixing phones pays the bills and I can only experiement so much.

Soooo.... Keep your eyes open for deals on LCD/Digitizer combos on EBAY. I've found some good prices on components from our friends in China where the quality is good but the delivery time is naturally a lot longer then having it go from Chicago to Minneapolis.

The meds must not be kicking in today because I feel the need to go on with the following rant. To all you geniuses designing the latest handsets - WTF? Shame on you guys who design these crappy "me too" things... Stop using plastic and tons of adhesive to hold your handsets together. Screws are (WAY) better then plastic clips and this obsession with glue.

And design wise. you guys are going in the wrong direction with these permi batteries. For the love of God please go back to batteries the user can swap out or replace with a bigger better one. Otherwise start being honest and state how many times the typical battery will take a charge. HINT - 300 to 500 times. Since smartphones are such current hogs and we are all charging them daily you get somewhere between a year or two then what? More landfill....

"One man's trash is another man's treasure" Jay at Dover Research Corp

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Usually when the digitizer and LCD need to be separated, you'll need a heat gun, thin prying tools, and a lot of patience. My two prying tools of choice are our guitar picks or a plastic opening tool.

Imagen de iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6)


iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6)


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Your correct. I probably should not have posted after screwing up a nice 4G LTE screen at the very end of an hour plus of fiddling. Anyway as you say doing it by hand is (just barely) possible but its too time intensive for me *I'm running a microbiz.

I dug around some more and found a you tube video titled "How to separate the screen from glass using SM-252 separator" In short its an adjustable hotplate so you can insure you don't cook the lcd. Then you use a Molybdenum Wire (Like a garrot) to slice the glass (Or Digitizer) off in one clean cut. To get all the glop (glue) off the Display you can use a chemical called LOCA or LPA and an ordinary toothbrush. They have a glue to rebond the LCD to the Glass (or Digitizer) *Note you need a Ultra Violet light sounce to cure the glue. They sell UV flashlights on Ebay and probably a number of other places.

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