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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Why wont it read the game I put in it?

Alright, a little white ago my little sister started playing with my 3ds, but put a game in wrong. After using knifes and tweezers to get it out it finally got out. The game is a bit roughed up but it still works and the 3ds seems fine. It turns off and on but will not play a game. i don't want to raise up the money to buy a new one either. What is going on T_T

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your sister broke it


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Have a look at the connector, one or more pin(s) might be folded, so they don't contact where they should, or contact where they should not...

Not sure it can be fixed if the pins are too much damaged.

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Markorki, I have just bought super smash 4 for my 3ds and it is brand new, I put it in, it reads, I click on it and just goes to a black screen, it does this over and over and over again, the pins on the game are new, the pins in the slot are good, what is my problem?


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I have done what this guy does in the video to fix this issue and it works. THE FIX IS A LITTLE CRUDE. But without soldering your brains out, or if you just aren't as confident in your skills, this is the easiest way to fix this. I fixed two systems this week with this problem (3DS not reading games):

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