Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Will unit work without screen attached?

I got an iPod that was smashed up pretty bad, but seemed in not bad shape. The ribbon cable attached to the lcd has come completely off the screen. Can this be re atttached? Also, will the unit no longer sync with a computer because the screen isnt attached?

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I plugged in a parts iPod I got that is a 2nd Gen to my laptop and Itunes recognized it and saw that it was a 8 gig model with nothing stored on it. This parts iPod did not have a Touch Screen or LCD installed. This does not prove that it will work correctly if I install a new touch screen and LCD but it did prove it was not totally a dead 2nd Gen iPod

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It should, the only problem, is that it you want to do anything with it, other then have a $300 flash drive, you will need to install a screen, since the only interfaces it has other then the screen are the lock, home, and the volume switch. You should be ablt to sync it, but you may run into the issue of a passcode lock. If there is a password, you will need to unlock it, and with no screen, that may be quite challanging. You could put it into DFU mode, restore it, then you can sync it with no problem.

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My ipod felt the screen smash and it didn't work.What should I do to fix it.

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start your own question for that - it would be the first step


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