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Primera generación de iPad de Apple con Wi-Fi, disponible con 16, 32 o 64 GB. Número de modelo A1219. Reparaciones sencillas que no requieren aplicar calor.

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Can I fix dented frame at the volume button?

Somehow my iPad dropped right at the volume controls and dented in. Now it appears that the sound is constantly being held in the down position as I cant even change it in the settings area.

I am wondering how to unstick it so I don't have to buy a new one.


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Also I would maybe be ok with just being able to get rid of the stupid volume shadow kids wouldnt be too happy not being able to hear their stories though!

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Hi Sara,

Can you upload a pic?

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Hi Sara, it looks like the dent is holding down the vol button stuck, so thats why you cant control, i can imaging the dent and i have fix it before too, you need to disassemble and knock out the dent with a light hammer or back of the screw driver with a small square filler, that will released the buttons free

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I have the same problem. If you hard boot your iPad, by pressing the home button and the start button at the same time. After doing this a few times, as many as 10 times, my sound works and I can control it either in settings or via my music player. If you turn off the iPad completely, by sliding the red bar, you will need to perform the hard boot process again after turning on the iPad.

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The hard boot worked like a charm.I only had to do it twice.

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Thanks Dr Bill this worked for me after hard booting only the 1 time.

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I worked like a charm. Whew, I want to get a new IPad but wanted to wait till about November. Now I can.

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A lot of the case issues can be fixed using the G-tool iCorner:[producto vinculado inexistente o deshabilitado: IF145-280]

I know it's high dollar so you might want to call the manufacturers and ask if they have a record of any repair shops in your area that have one.

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Hey sorry I have the same problem my cats dropped my iPad on it's side on the volume buttons and it's like wedge so I can't move it what must I do than buy a new one

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Let's eat Grandpa.

Let's eat, Grandpa.

Punctuation saves lives.

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Somehow my iphone 7 volume button has dented and now i cannot turn my phone down pls can someone help me with this


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