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La Kenmore 80 Series es una lavadora popular fabricada por Kenmore

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Kenmore 80 series drive tub seal replacement

I replaced the tub seal on my Kenmore direct drive washing machine as shown on this youtube video (Whirlpool/ Kenmore Washer Repair: Drive Tub Seal Replacement (part #383727) - YouTube). When I had removed the outer tub I had noticed caked up dirt/grease along the bottom of the outer tub near where it would contact the inner tub and mounting stem. Thinking this was dirt, I cleaned it off and replaced the tub seal. I've put everything back together and now the tub makes a high pitched noise while in spin mode and does not spin correctly. Was I wrong to have cleaned that dirt off or was I supposed to grease the seal/mounting stem or space between the two tubs? What kind of grease is used for this?? Any help would be appreciated!!

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I do not think that it was grease. It should not need any. I would double check for proper alignment of the inner tub. It does sound like it may be to tight on the drive shaft or out of alignment.

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