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changing from 12" to 14"

If I install a 10.5 Leopard system in a iBook 12" 1064MHz, would it be boot/running in a iBook 14" 1,33GHz?

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Usually if you just install it to the point where it is done with setup AND personal setup, when the Desktop is first displayed, turn off the computer, take the Hard Drive out and move it to the other machine. My other recommendation if you have a FireWire Cable is to hook the Machines together and put the iBook you want to install OS X to into Target Disk mode by pressing the T key upon boot, hooking it up to the iBook 12, and running the installer on the 12-inch iBook, and ultimately just going through the normal install process, paying attention to install to the FireWire Target Media.

If you mean that you just want to install it normally on the machine, I say go for it, it should work out fine.

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Thanks for the answer, the problem is that something wrong with the 14” iBook logic board, because it can´t see the plugged HDD, I just wonder could it be because the install differentiation or it doesn´t matter.

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Usually it dosen't matter if you plug in a different hard drive, as long as it has the same connector and the same protocol. I am pretty sure your computer uses IDE to connect to hard drives so it will have an ATA connector. Should your computer detect no hard drives internally at all, then you might have a controller problem. Follow the following steps to find out what kind of problem you have.

# Hard Drive not detected, optical drive detected

## Connector of the Hard Drive or the Laptops interface may be damaged. Insert Hard Drive into another computer to check to see if the Hard Drive works. If it works, the Laptops interface may be broken. If it doesn't work, replace the Hard Drive or use the one from the iBook 12"

# Hard and Optical Drive not Detected

## Disk Controller will most likely have failed. The last thing you could do is replace the logic board, which is time consuming, and most likely more expensive than the computers value. Sell it on eBay saying the Disk Controller doesn't work.

# Hard and Optical Drive work

## Ey presto! It works.

If you could see the hard drive in Target Disk mode, I might also suspect the optical drive having faults and not reading the disk correctly.

Cheers, Max

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Hmmm, the ide connector is suspicious, cable comes out too easy. I will check optical drive, if I remember it could worked. If it works, you say, IDE controller works?

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Optical drive detected! So, it means I should only change IDE connector, and it will recognise my HDD?

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If you can open your iBook, examine the cable for any visual damage, especially if it is a low profile cable, usually the ones that are coloured amber and only paper thin. Also look for suspicious bends. Should it be possible, try to salvage the same cable from the iBook 12 inch. Should the disk then be detected, you are in luck. Have you tried using a different hard drive.

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