The XV20 series of the Toyota Camry is Toyota's 6th generation of the Camry sedan.

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What other years is my 1997 LE camry engine compatible with?

which models are compatible? and also years? for 2.3 and or 3.0 liter.

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Are you trying to find an engine? Or you not sure if yours is a 2.3(? I believe that model year only came in a 2.2L not a 2.3L) or 3.0 liter. As you know one is a 4cyl and the other a 6cyl. So exactly what are you trying to accomplish?


I'm looking for any body to fit my 2.2L 4cyl 1997 Toyota camry le engine. Motor is awesome but body literally falling apart HELP please.


can swap computer of camry 1997 with 1998


Which Engine can I swap with my 2.0L Daewoo Leganza CDX 2001


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nick the 3.0 L is the 1MZ-FE


1994–2003 Toyota Camry (V6)

1994–2003 Lexus ES 300 & Toyota Windom (Japanese domestic market)

1995–2004 Toyota Avalon & 2000 Toyota Pronard (Avalon for Japanese domestic market)

1997–2003 Lexus RX 300

Toyota Harrier (non-US markets)

1998–2000 Toyota Sienna

1999–2003 Toyota Solara (V6)

2000– Toyota Estima (Japanese domestic market)

The 2.2L is the 5S-FE :


ST204 (US Generation 6 Celica GT)

ST184 (US Generation 5 Celica GT, GT-S and SX. Australian Generation 5 Celica SX)

SW21 (US Generation 2 MR2 N/A)

SXV10 (Camry 1992–96)

SXV20 (Camry 1997–01)

More on this information on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I wanna swap a 3.0 from a 1997 camry and put it in 2000 avalon 3.0 but there are more electronics on my avalon than on my camry do they sell a hornest to make the camry motor compatible with the avalon


Would a 2000 Camry 4 cilynder fit a 96 camry


Would a 2000 Camry CSI Engine fit a 1995 Camry CSI Body? I want to drop a new motor in my current 1995 camry as the body is immaculate and i have found a willing organ doner


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I have a '02 XLE 4cyl. And 98 LE

interchange wise the old 14" wheels do NOT work on the newer model- interference with calipers. I'd like to know what will fit from 02 to the 98. Seats ? Engine ? Rear view mirror with compass - Did transplant. Can't imagine any body interchanges. LOVE THE TACH in the 02 XLE. The lighted dial follows the needle thru the revs. UNIQUE

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As far as one touch power windows. I Couldn't even transplant to a 06LE. MIss the little things of the XLE


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