Connect to iTunes after water damage

Hi all!

One of my friends spelt a little alcohol (40%) on his iPhone 4, and now the only thing that cames up are that you have to connect it to iTunes. When i do that, iTunes finds the iPhone and start to resore it. But just before it is it finished, it "drops" out and then connect to iTunes again, and so it goes on...

Do any got this issue before? I may think that cable adapter may be broken or not 100% good? Or is it the main board? I would think it would be a litte weird, if it is the main board cause, it would not go on then if? Cause also when it is connected, it is charging.

Any help would be thankful :-)

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How bad was the immersion? Have you tried a different cables, USB port, different computer?Any error message from iTunes?

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Yes have tried different cables etc. Have not locked on the immersion yet, cause i will try to fix the charging dock first.

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I would suggest opening the iphone and cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol just to be sure there are no contaminants in it.

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