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Repair guides for Dell Inspiron laptops. A line of mid-level Dell laptop computers.

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Having trouble formatting hard drive. Has corrupted files

I have a Dell Inspiron N7010 laptop with intel core i3 and windows 7. It worked fine one day, then the next day It had several warnings pop up and none of my programs or internet would work.

A window titled "file recovery " also popped up which ran tests on my hard drive listing several "critical" and "dangerous" errors.

I dont have anything on this computer I want to save except for the OS. I do not have a back up disk or file recovery disk or anything like that.

How do I format the hard drive and start over? I know I would lose the OS but that's ok. Unless someone knows a different solution?thanks

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Ben, good job in getting it done. All you would have left to do is to accept rj713's answer

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Before I did anything else I would buy a good antivirus and run it from the DVD. I sounds to me like you have picked up some malware and need to have your drive cleaned. Please don't use one of the PC repair items from the internet--they are mostly scams. After you run the antivirus do a safe boot and instruct the computer to repair itself.

Finally are you sure there is not a hidden sector on your hard drive with the operating system on it? See if when you safe boot if there is an option to reinstall your software. Good luck.

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Thank you so much! The anti-virus software got it working again and then I was able to use a recovery program and restore my computer to an earlier time.

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