cooling fans won't work

fans not working, fuses are not blown, and tried to jump start from battery but still didn't work

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You tried to "jump start" the fan directly from the battery? It still did not come on? Can you tell us how you did that?


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dominic, if you connected a positive wire to the blue or blu/blk wire and ground to the blk one, the fan would have to come on. Of course only if connected it directly. If you did not then there is the possibility that you have a bad fuse #3 and #57 for the cooling fan and #58 for the condenser fan. You also want to check your fan relays. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Block Image

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This is a great help!

Can I swap the two identical-looking relays -- the one for the condensor fan and the one for the radiator fan -- to check if they are both working without causing any damage? The radiator fan comes on but the condensor fan does not. Trying see what I need to replace.

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