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IS there a drain plug for the block?

Got water in my engine and tring to remove the water, car wants to start but cant.

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tell us more about this water in your engine. Have you changed the oil, the plugs, the wires? What have you tried to remove the water?

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The frost plugs will not remove any water from the engine, other than antifreeze. If you have water on the inside off your engine, it is the amount of water that will determine which steps to take. First you want to remove the plugs instead of trying to start the engine. Water does not compress, it will either bend your rods and/or crack the head etc. Once the spark plugs are removed try to turn the engine by hand and see if it rotates. Check all ignition components for water damage, replace the spark plugs, change your engine and transmission oil. then you could try to reevaluate for any damage.

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Drain plugs for the block are also called "freeze (casting) plugs", they are not bolts like an oil pan, but soft metal inserts you have to pull out then replace new. Generally you drain the water from the engine at the bottom of the radiator where there may/not be a petcock.

Depending on where the water came from (carwash, road flooding, or cracked head/leaky head gasket) waiting overnight might solve the starting problem.

If there's water in the crankcase (oil pan) or oil in the coolant reservoir you have either/both a leaky head-gasket or a cracked block... only replacement/brazing will fix that...unless you drove through a flooded street or parking lot. Then draining the crankcase and refilling to the proper level should fix the problem.

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