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Guías de reparación para el Magic Trackpad. Lanzado en 2010.

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Is there a way to bring this device back to life?

I purchased this trackpad over a year ago and have used it daily since. The item was never dropped or damaged, but the other day it just stopped working. I click the power button and nothing happens. No green LED, no connection to my MacBook.

I replaced the batteries several times and tried cleaning the contacts for the batteries inside the device. Nothing has worked. Apple support recommended I take the item in to an Apple store so they can "look at it", but before they try to sell me a new one, I'm wondering if anyone has had success in reviving these devices after they die.


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Probably not for the average DIYer... take a look at the tear down - on the right - there really isn't any user serviceable parts. It takes a lot of practice and skill to remove/replace components on a circuit board, and that's basically what you're dealing with.

See what sort of price Apple gives you to repair, replace it. Sad to say but with all the glue it's really not a repairable design.

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If you're cleaning the battery compartment the eraser on the end of a pencil is a great fine abrasive… for years photographer's have used pencil erasers to clean light corrosion off camera button batteries and the insides of button compartments. Take care the tang or spring doesn't snap off, corrosion eats away metal, and bending metals make them brittle.

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Just read this as I've been hunting around to try and bring mine back to life (no light). Followed your advice, grabbed a pencil with a rubber on the end and stuck it down the hole and twisted it round and round for a few minutes. Put the batteries back in and green light is on! Thanks!

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Just tried this and and it worked, many thanks.

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After trying Apple support and forums without answers, I tried the above suggestion of a clean eraser at end of a pencil. It is probably the easiest, most efficient method. Make sure you are using a clean eraser and rub agains the On-Off switch from the inside and remove any residue afterwards. I had to do it twice, and the Trackpad works like new. Thanks.

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Mine had same issue. I forgot to turn it off, and it had batteries corrosion. I replaced batteries, it still worked, but after several days, it stopped working and the light wasn't on any more. I use a long stick wrapped with cloth and dip a little bit alcohol to clean it inside. And then magic happened, the light came back on! Hope it will help you. :)

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Like Ley Zhang, min suddenly stopped working due to wrong battery choice (low cost batteries). Tried everything, changed batteries, took it to the Apple store. They offered to replace it (at full cost).

As a last resort, I used a long stick with a piece of cloth wrapped firmly around at the tip, dipped in alcohol - and behold - the beautiful green light came on as if nothing ever happened.

Hope you will succeed as well. :)

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I found a YouTube comment that suggested that one needs to periodically push and forcefully rotate the power button side of the trackpad clockwise. I bought a used one that had initially some battery corrosion but worked, and eventually started to have frequent disconnects and then failed to turn on. I cleaned any of the corrosion out of the battery compartment but it still would not turn on. I tried the method of forcefully rotating the power button clockwise with my finger and after a few attempts to do this, the trackpad started working again and now no longer has repeated disconnects. I found this out only after purchasing two more shattered donor trackpads on eBay to use for parts in case mine was corroded and that caused the failure. I will take those two apart in more detail and see if there is anything to be learned about the power button assembly.

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