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Kann man beim 12.9 Gen2 NUR das Glas tauschen? Das display geht 1a aber ich habe mehrere risse auf dem schutzglas. Möchte nicht dafür auch das display tauschen…..

sim sem - Contestar

If you get the replacement screen with daughterboard attached you don’t need to solder anything.

Gregg Stanley - Contestar

That is correct …. but if you solder it on yourself you reuse the original daughter board instead of throwing it away and save some money to boot. Seems reasonable if you can do it.

Fix It Planet -

I replaced the screen but it the touch screen is randomly unresponsive at times. Mostly on the middle right of the screen. I would have to touch same area couple of times for it to response. The unit is on the latest iOS 15.1. Any thoughts?

Chio Phanh - Contestar

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