This guide will help you replace the screen for your Motorola Moto G5s Plus.

  1. Power off the phone before you begin.
    • Power off the phone before you begin.

    • Bring the heat gun one to two inches from the edges of the display to melt the display adhesive.

    • Spend equal amounts of time applying heat around the entire edge of the phone.

  2. Attach the suction cup to the display slightly to the left of center.
    • Attach the suction cup to the display slightly to the left of center.

    • Exert a moderate force to pull on the suction cup. The display will come loose.

    • Insert the opening tool inside the loosened edge.

    • Gradually work the opening tool around the edge of the entire screen to cut through the adhesive.

    • Do not wedge the opening tool too far beneath the screen. Using too much force can result in torn connector cables.

    • The display should now be entirely loose, attached only by the connectors at the top of the device and the fingerprint sensor connector at the bottom of the device.

    • Press down on the fingerprint sensor with the display slightly raised to disconnect it from the display.

    • If the fingerprint sensor does not come loose, use the heat gun to loosen its adhesive.

    • The cables at the top of the device are fragile. If you are using this guide as a prerequisite for replacing another part, be careful not to tear the cables while lifting the screen.

    • Remove the one 5mm Torx-5 screw located by the connector cables in the top right corner of the device.

    • Grab the unscrewed metal plate with your blunt tweezers.

    • Slide the metal plate to the left and then out to remove it.

    • Removing the plate will expose the display assembly's connection to the phone's motherboard.

    • Disengage the two cable connectors by gently prying beneath the edge of the connector with the opening tool.

    • Lift up the detached right connector from its housing using blunt tweezers.

    • The housing has light adhesive underneath it. Use a small amount of force to remove the connector from the housing.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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