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In this video, I well show you how to replace Moto G5s Plus Display touch.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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How good is the replacement screen? I saw a couple on Amazon that had really bad reviews

Justin Mathews Mayalil - Contestar

Hi Justin, I’m not sure how good this screen is as it’s being sold by another store, but as you’ve seen the quality of third party parts varies greatly. I would do some research and try to only buy a part from a trusted seller that has overwhelmingly good reviews. We test all our parts and have a lifetime warranty on many items, but we unfortunately don’t carry this screen yet. Good luck with your fix!

Adam O'Camb -

Spent three minutes going at the screen with a heatgun and it still just refuses to come off, no idea why. Guess the phone will just be staying smashed for the moment

Sam Jordan - Contestar

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