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Use this guide to force restart your iPad Pro.

  1. In one continuous action …
    • In one continuous action …

    • … push and release the "Volume Up" button …

    • … push and release the "Volume Down" button …

    • … then push and hold the "Power" button for at least 5 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

    Pushing volume up button for 1 second and then pushing volume down button for 1 second are wrong, should just press them once and release immediately.

    Chi Hin Wong - Contestar

    Thanks for the note. I clarified and rephrased.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    I’m stuck in an app and doing this doesn’t reboot the ipad, any other suggestions?

    Jimi Rice - Contestar

    You might try putting it in sleep mode and then do the restart procedure. Waking it up from sleep mode by plugging it in and then doing the procedure might be also worth a try.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    I have been trying to restart it using this method and still cant get it turn on. Is there another way of doing the press and release vol up and dwn and hold top button for 5 sec?

    loh kenloong - Contestar

    Hallo Tobias,

    wenn ich es richtig sehe ist der Hinweis von Chi Hin Wong noch nicht übernommen worden.

    Deepl übersetzt seinen Hinweis so:

    “Das Drücken der Lautstärketaste für 1 Sekunde und das anschließende Drücken der Lautstärketaste für 1 Sekunde sind falsch, sie sollten nur einmal gedrückt und sofort wieder losgelassen werden.”

    So habe ich das Ipad Pro zurück gesetzt, nachdem es sich auf schwarzem Bildschirm nur ein ewig rotierendes Rädchen zeigte.

    Jess Derboven - Contestar

    Danke Jess für den Hinweis. Die Übersetzung hat hier ein wenig hinterher gehinkt. Ich habe es soeben im Deutschen angepasst.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    Thank, thank you thank you……Your fix worked for my Ipad Pro 11 beautifully. The only one that did. I had an unresponsive touch screen and therefore could NOT slide the slider. One second up and then one second down and then just holding the start/stop button brought up the Apple and ten mintues later, when I turned it back on, it was like new. The followed the last 13.6.1 IOS update that I did last night. Worked fine for about six hours and then completely froze. This is my 4th Ipad since the #2 and the first time I’ve had any difficulty with any of them. Again, thank you. ))

    leschwartz627 - Contestar

    You’re welcome

    Tobias Isakeit -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does not work on mine

Steve B - Contestar

Don’t push the button for a second, just push Volume up, Volume down and then keep the Power button pressed until the iPad resets.

That’s how it worked for me at least.

Kanpuu -

It does work on my iPad Pro 11 either please help us I purchased This iPad Pro 11 and Apple Pencil 2 on 3/2/19

Regina Baby - Contestar

Pushing volume up button for 1 second and then pushing volume down button for 1 second are wrong,

should just press them once and release immediately.

Vol Up -> Vol Down -> Power (hold for 5s)

Chi Hin Wong - Contestar

Press and release volume up button

Press and release volume down button

hold down the power button, and on mine, I had to swipe the off logo with my other hand before the apple appeared.

Now the Apple is gone, but it’s not rebooting.

i miss the button at the bottom LOL

Pluffmud - Contestar

I did it again, and the Apple came up and just stayed a minute and is gone…what now?

Pluffmud - Contestar

Why does the iPad pro shut down and then you have to force restart it?

CLOUDY - Contestar

I have tried this “trick” several times and it does not work. I don’t know why I can’t use face id or thumb print like I do with my older Ipad pro. I am getting too old to remember new passwords- That is why I purchased the ipad pro so I could use fingerprint and or face ID. This is driving me crazy!!!

Pam Brown - Contestar

Can you guy help me.i have one pro 2018 with black screen and and circle spin around.


tvmachine2013 - Contestar

Does not work on mine

Siri just Kees coming on?

Michael Robinson - Contestar

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