This guide will show you how to replace the oscillation mechanism.


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Release the 3 clips that attach the front fan guard to the rear fan guard.
  • Release the 3 clips that attach the front fan guard to the rear fan guard.

  • Notice: The lower connecting bracket is NOT a clip. It acts as a mounting alignment bracket for the front fan guard.

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Pull the front fan guard off.
  • Pull the front fan guard off.

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  • Remove the spinner from the center of the fan blade.

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  • The fan blades should now be easy to lift up.

  • When reassembling the fan make sure the notches in the center of the fan blade line up with the protrusions in the motor's shaft.

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  • Remove the rear fan guard by taking off the plastic nut that holds the rear fan guard to the upper assembly.

  • The plastic nut needs to be twisted off; like a screw.

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  • Remove the screw at the center of the oscillator knob and remove the oscillator knob.

  • If the oscillator knob is clean and undamaged then the problem is with the oscillator. If the knob is damaged replace it and test your fan before proceeding forward in the guide.

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  • Remove the front motor housing by removing 4 screws.

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  • The main motor housing can be taken off by removing a single screw at the back of the upper assembly.

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  • There is a capacitor attached to the oscillator by a single screw. Once the screw is removed the capacitor should come off easily.

the two wires of capacitors are connected where ?? please guide me.

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The two wires are normally connected to the motors, start winding.

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  • Remove the screw that connects the oscillator to the rocker arm.

  • Push down on the rocker arm after removing the screw and turn it away from the oscillator.

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  • The oscillator should now be easy to pull off.

  • Clean the oscillator and remove any jams. If the problem persists the oscillator is damaged and needs to be replaced.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I bought a fan and two days later my grandson dropped it and it stopped turning. Its been stuck in one position for about two weeks. Finally I said I know someone on the internet is gonna no what is wrong and how to fix it. Thank you. I fixed my fan in about 10 minutes. The oscillating handle had just come lose from the screw. Everybody thinks I'm a genius. LOL! Super grandma strikes again!

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