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For questions about how to solve any issues with the tablet, visit our Tagital T7X_Troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Tagital T7X is an Android OS version 4.4.2 tablet that was released in 2015. It delivers a new slim design, is easy for people of all ages to use, and is affordable when compared to other tablets. The Tagital T7X comes in blue, pink, white, or black. It has a .3 Megapixel camera for both the front and rear camera, a 7" screen display and supports up to a 32 GB Micro SD Card. Though this tablet received positive reviews for it's lightweight design and child-friendliness, it has gained a significant amount of negative feedback such as: poor battery life, poor audio output through the speakers and headphones, low screen resolution, screen failing to light up even though the battery is charged, and applications not working.

Intended for users to buy an affordable tablet, the Tagital T7X has been quickly outpaced by tablets made by Windows and Apple. Despite the negative reviews this tablet has accumulated since its release, the tablet itself does not need to go to waste with proper repair and replacement of failing parts.

Additional Information

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