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Estas son algunas de las herramientas comunes que se utilizaron para trabajar en este dispositivo. Es posible que no necesites todas las herramientas para cada procedimiento.


The Dell Precision T3400 Tower Workstation debuted in the engineering workplace at the end of 2007. A newer model of this PC exists, but the T3400 is not obsolete. The T3400 is still widely used in offices. Users desire to stretch their investments as far as possible by performing repairs and upgrades to the PC tower.

Users of the Dell Precision T3400 continue to praise the computer for its powerful processing, variety of upgrades available, and affordable customization.


The T3400 has two 5.25 inch front bays for two optical drives, along with two 3.5 inch bays for a floppy drive and/or an internal media card reader and front audio ports for a microphone and headset. The front also has two USB 2.0 ports. The system can be set up either as a tower or a desktop. In the back there are six USB 2.0 connections, the Ethernet connection. There is also a lever at the top of the case which releases the side door for internal access. The dual-slot 9800 GTX video card is also installed upright, along with the heatsink. The standard 375W power supply is included.


For solutions to common problems with the Dell Precision T3400, see the device Troubleshooting page.


  • CPU: As the PC ages, there is a chance that the CPU could overheat. More often, however, the CPU is upgraded as the users’ demands for performance increase. CPU Replacement
  • RAM: Much like the CPU, the user may wish to upgrade to a higher capacity of RAM as the demands of his work grow. RAM Replacement
  • Video Card: Sometimes users will upgrade their video card to handle more graphically intensive processes, such as running photo-editing software or video games. Video Card Replacement
  • The Optical Drives: This PC comes with a regular CD-ROM drive. There may be an instance where the user prefers to switch this standard drive with a CD-RW drive for not only reading CDs but burning them as well. Alternatively, they may wish to replace the drive with a DVD or DVD-RW drive, because DVDs hold significantly more data than CDs. Optical Drive Upgrade

Description of the T3400

Dell T3400 User and Support Manuals (PDF)

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