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Estas son algunas de las herramientas comunes que se utilizaron para trabajar en este dispositivo. Es posible que no necesistes todas las herramientas para cada procedimiento.

Background and Identification

The model number can be found on a tag on the bottom of your laptop, and it should be a 4810TZ. It comes with an Intel processor and 4GB of standard memory. The hard drive capacity is 500GB and it has a 14'' 1366x768 screen.

The Acer was release on January 29, 2008. Some major features that come with this laptop include:

  • Laminar Wall Jets that spread out the heat of the laptop
  • 8 hours average of battery time
  • Acer's Backup Manager technology to save contents from your hard drive from being lost
  • Acer's SignalUp wireless hardware for faster internet connections
  • 16:9 LED HD screen for maximum viewing pleasure

Additional Information

The following links provide additional information regarding the ACER Aspire 4810TZ-4120.

You can find an excellent review of this device on the PC Magazine website.

You can also find the spec sheet on the Acer website .

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